The Past

Virginia Hamilton was born into the flat rural landscape of southern Ohio farm country, virginia hamiltonwhere her mother’s family had lived since the late 1850s. “I love my home town,” she writes. “I live on land that has been in my family for generations. And being an Ohioan means that for me, there is nothing quite like an Ohio sky, unless it would be the beauty of an Ohio sunset.” Both of her parents were enthusiastic readers and gifted storytellers. Hamilton recalls that her mother could, “take a slice of fiction floating around and polish it into a saga.” Ms Hamilton resides in her hometown of Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Virginia Hamilton has received every major award and honor in her field. Internationally known for her exquisite, dramatic storytelling, she has earned her reputation as a “majestic presence in children’s literature.” — Entertainment Weekly

etta belle hamiltonEtta Belle Hamilton


1. A whistling girl and a crowing hen will always come to some bad end.
2. Too skinny girl – She has to stand twice to make a shadow.
3. God doesn’t love ugly.
4. Here comes falling weather!
5. Don’t you abuse my word.
6. Don’t care won’t have a home.

After telling a tale: be it bowed, bended, my story’s ended!

Favorite tongue twister, and riddle, said as fast as you can:
Peter Piper picked a pail of pickled Peppers. How many peppers did Peter Piper pick? Well, what’s the answer?

Favorite song for rocking babies:
Rockabye baby-bye, sleep little tot..
I’ll rest you in the elm shade
When the day gets too hot.

kenneth j hamiltonKenneth J. Hamilton

He was the sun…

Virginia’s father
Photo by Axel Bahnsen