Peace Park

Apartheid – (apart-ate) established by the South African government after World War II to confine all black people in “reserves” or “locations” called townships. All homes until very recently, 1993 -1994, were without electricity, running water or indoor plumbing. Even today, the majority of homes still don’t have these necessities. There is still a staggering poverty level in the townships; some say 40% unemployment. The ANC government is working against incredible odds.

This monument, erected by ANC the Youth League, is “In memory of Hector Peterson and all other young heroes and heroines of our struggle who laid down their lives for freedom, pace and democracy.”

Hector Peterson – The 13-year old who was the first victim of the vast 1976 youth uprising in Soweto – thousands of students protesting was a major event in the start of the fall of Apartheid.