Remembering Virginia

Virginia Hamilton Memorial Page

Virginia Hamilton died at 12:25 AM
Tuesday morning, February 19, 2002

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Virginia Hamilton: Her Influence, Her Words, Her Love
An essay by Jaime Adoff

Reprinted by permission Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers.
From the Spring 2003 Ohioana Quarterly

Jaime & VirginiaOne of my earliest memories was curling up underneath my Mom and listening to her read one of her books to me. My favorite, Time Ago Tales of Jahdu. I swear for years, I really thought she was Mama Luka. Whenever she read that book to me I became Jahdu. I was transported right into the book, into the story, my mother’s voice guiding me through. That is the power of words, the power of a masterfully written story, told by a master storyteller – told by my Mom.

I think her greatness as a writer was only eclipsed by her greatness as a mother. Raising both me and my sister Leigh to be truly free thinkers. Fostering our creativity at every turn. Our house buzzed twenty-four hours a day with imagination, Mom and Dad each going into their respective study to work in the morning, my sister and I playing in our fantasy worlds, around the house. Then at dinner, Mom and Dad would talk about the day’s writing, how each of their projects was going. Leigh and I would talk about our day, too, what we learned, what games we played, the meal always ending with lots of laughter. I think of all that creativity, swirling between father and mother, brother and sister.