The Planet of Junior Brown

junior's groove - the planet of junior brownEvergreen Releasing Presents The Film Works of Canada Production of
The Planet of Junior Brown
A Clement Virgo Film
Based on the book by Virginia Hamilton
Now on DVD as “Junior’s Groove” (1997)

• Winner of a Silver Nymph Award, Monte Carlo Television Festival, Italy, for Best Screenplay, February, 1998
• Shown at the Toronto Film Festival,
• Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax
• Pan African Film Festival, Los Angeles
• Cleveland International Film Festival
• Invited: Singapore International Film Festival, April 17 – May 2
• Atlanta International film Festival, Atlanta, GA, late May

PLANET wins Best Picture at the Urbanworld International Film Festival held in New York City, August 10, 1998. More than 70 commercial and independent films were shown at the Cineplex Odeon Worldwide Plaza cinemas in Manhattan.

PLANET gains American distribution. It is to be shown on television, on Showtime and affiliate channels – January and/or February, 1999.

Columbus, Ohio. 1998 Columbus International Film & Video Festival Showcase Screenings. THE PLANET OF JUNIOR BROWN, Clement Virgo, Director, wins major Chris Award (Christopher Columbus Award).

junior's groove - the planet of junior brownTHE PLANET…had two showings on television by the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

And opened to excellent comment and reviews:

“Teen’s strange world oddly appealing: –it’s a strange, subtly disturbing, but ultimately rewarding story of two friends who are as different as people can be…”
– Brad Oswald.

“Gravitational Pull of Friendship: –said Clement Virgo, “The book is not cynical, it’s not sentimental, it’s not melodramatic. I wanted, somehow, to capture that spirit in the film and to be honest and to be open. I came to it as open as I could, not passing any judgment.” – Bruce Kirkland, writing in the “Toronto Sun.”

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The Planet of Junior Brown

Festival Screenings


Toronto International Film Festival Toronto, Ont. September 6, 1997
Cinefest Sudbury, Ont. September 21, 1997
Atlantic Film Festival Halifax, Nova Scotia September 24, 1997
Pan African Film Festival Los Angeles, CA February 13, 1998
Sarasota Africana Film Festival Sarasota, FL February 19, 1998
Monte Carlo Television Festival Monte Carlo February 25, 1998
Nominated for Best Television Film
Won Silver Nymph, Best Screenplay


Santa Barbara International Film Festival Santa Barbara, CA March 6-15, 1998
Cleveland International Film Festival Cleveland, OH March 19-29, 1998
East Lansing Film Festival Michigan State Univ. March 26-29, 1998
Taos Talking Pictures Festival Taos, New Mexico April 16-19, 1998
Singapore International Film Festival Singapore April 17 – May 2, 1998
Atlanta International Film Festival Atlanta, GA Late May, 1998