Hans Christian Andersen Award


Bologna, Italy, April 8,1992 – The Andersen Award Jury of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) announced the American author Virginia Hamilton as the winner of the 1992 Hans Christian Andersen Author Award and the Czech illustrator, Kveta Pacovska as the winner of the 1992 Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration.

Ronald Jobe

I am most pleased that Virginia Hamilton was selected by the jury to be the 1992 winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award. How could I not be! I have been a long-time fan of her writing talent, admiring the multifaceted style with which she challenges me as a reader. I have high praise for her splendid use of language, a rich descriptive vocabulary, powerful metaphors, and natural dialogue in many dialects. The way she weaves fantasy and reality into each book is amazing. It is a special pleasure for me that this distinguished American writer has been honored internationally.

Yes, Virginia, there was a Hans Christian Andersen, and today he would be very pleased that you have won the award in his name!

Ronald Jobe, IBBY President, is professor of education at University of British Columbia, Vancouver.