Hans Christian Andersen Award

“The Hans Christian Andersen Award exemplifies IBBY’s concern for literature and for children. IBBY’s activities promote the international flow of books for young people and the flow of ideas. They open and extend interest in books for young people and appreciation for all the world’s children through literature.”

Hamilton’s husband, Arnold Adoff, said of the Hamilton-Adoff household after learning of the award, “There’s excitement and happiness here. This is Virginia’s twenty-fifth anniversary year as a published author. It was in 1967 that Virginia’s first novel, Zeely, (Macmillan), was published. It is wonderful that this happened to help make it a jubilee. To have won the Hans Christian Andersen is another milestone. I am gratified for the award and specifically happy for their appreciation of Virginia. As one who is witness to all the hard work she has done, I am happy.

“Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich prepared a wonderful dossier for the committee. Louise Howton, Editorial Director at Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich’ did outstanding work. Louise and her California staff did a great deal of research, along with Bonnie Verburg, Executive Editor, who is Virginia’s editor. We appreciate their effort and the excellent dossier that resulted from their work.

“We are also grateful to the American committee who nominated Virginia, spoke highly of her, and believed in her. We are overjoyed at the commitment that people must have and their appreciation of her work.”