The Dark Way

the dark way Here is a window on the spirit realm, that often frightening, unexplained, other dimension of thing. Since our beginnings, we have extended our imaginations into spheres that raise hackles of fear yet heighten our curiosity and our wonder.

For centuries, sages and storytellers have invented tales of beings who are with us one minute exerting their powers, and vanish the next: fairies, witches, horned women, banshees, shapeshifters, tiny things that grow large before our astonished eyes. They are creatures, all, and of our own making — perhaps. Perhaps we discover them and tell stories about them as a reminder of how little we know about the depths of ourselves.

But hear the scratching at the windowpane. All at once, there is a chill in the room and we feel an invisible presence.

the dark wayThe twenty-five stories in The Dark Way are like searchlights turned on our inner selves. Within the phantasmal glare we view what we dare not think on when the light is out. Do ghosts, do monsters, exist? Does the creature over there transform itself before our eyes? Let the reader find out and enjoy this compelling presentation of strange and singular tales.

Certificate of Award from the Printing Industries of America

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Illustrated by Lambert Davis