The All Jahdu Storybook

all jahdu storybook “Now begins the time of the magic trickster, Jahdu.”

The trickster hero Jahdu was born in an old oven beside two loaves of bread, and he is always running along. In his journeys from the Mountain of Paths to the Far Woods, he outwits everyone he meets. Who but clever Jahdu could trick the mighty giant Trouble or banish the darkness of Yin and return the light and warmth of Yang’s summer to the land? With his magic Jahdu dust and his power to transform himself into anything from a small boy to a taxicab, Jahdu will spark the imaginations of readers everywhere, as he takes them along on his wondrous and delightful adventures.

In this definitive Jahdu collection, all previously published Jahdu stories are constructed anew by the mischievous trickster’s creator, acclaimed writer Virginia Hamilton. They are brought together here for the first time, along with four completely new stories.

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Illustrations by Barry Moser