Justice and Her Brothers

Second book in the Justice Trilogy
justice and her brothersThis is a tantalizing, hypnotic novel that some will call fiction, some science fiction, and others reality. Justice and Her Brothers is an engrossing, challenging novel. It presents a picture of the world as it may become – indeed, as it may already be.

“Reading Virginia Hamilton is like being shot out of a cannon into the Milky Way. Sometimes just a phrase sends you off, an image or a scene, but invariably at the end of a book you marvel: look how high I’ve been just on words! Here is Miss Hamilton at her best, plunging her characters into unique situations in order to work out the ambivalence and antagonisms of family relationships which she understands so well. She reaches over the precipice and risks even more than usual when she gives the identicals the power of telepathic communication with each other.” Jean Fritz, The New York Times

Scholastic, Inc.
Cover Art by Leo and Diane Dillion