A White Romance

a white romanceWhen Colonel Glenn High School starts busing in white students, Talley Barbour, disciplined runner and “good girl” doesn’t expect to become best friends with a white girl or to learn about love. Breezing into Talley’s life with an easy, confident manner and blond, good looks, Didi Adair is the type of girl that Talley should hate. But she just can’t.

When Didi becomes involved with neglected heavy metal rocker Roady Dean, Talley half enviously labels their relationship “A White Romance.” But then drugs begin to disrupt the stability of Didi and Roady’s relationship. Talley learns to understand the love and commitment between her and her friends, and, unable to deny her attraction to Roady’s charismatic friend David, she courageously embarks on “A White Romance” of her own.

Philomel Books Division of Putnam Publishing Group
Jacket Illustration © 1987 by Leo and Diane Dillon

a white romance - paperback
Paperback: Scholastic Point Signature
Cover Art by Leo and Diane Dillon